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CASE FAN (พัดลมเคส) CORSAIR SP120 RGB WITH CTRL PACK 3 [CO-9050061-WW]

CASE FAN (พัดลมเคส) CORSAIR SP120 RGB WITH CTRL PACK 3 [CO-9050061-WW]

Sub description

DIMENSION 120 X 120 X 25 MM

CASE FAN (พัดลมเคส) CORSAIR SP120 RGB WITH CTRL PACK 3 [CO-9050061-WW]

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Warranty 2 - y
Update lastest 2018-11-03
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Fan Size 120mm x 25mm
Flow Type Static Pressure
Bearing Type Hydraulic
Operating Voltage 7V - 13.2V
PWM Control Yes
Airflow 54.4 CFM
Static Pressure 2.25 mmH20
Sound Level 18-30 dBA
Speed 800 - 1725 +/- 10%
Product description



High static pressure with customizable RGB LED illumination
CORSAIR SP120 RGB LED PC case fans combine striking RGB LED lighting with high-pressure air delivery to make sure your rig stands out. Quiet yet imposing, the SP120 will help you finish your system with a dramatic look.



Upgrade to better cooling
The custom-molded blades are translucent and have a frosted texture, so the light from the four RGB LEDs adds a dazzling effect. Plug and play with the SP120's vibrant lighting and vivid animations.



RGB LED lighting
Four hub mounted RGB LEDs and translucent, frosted fan blades offer bold lighting with vivid lighting effects.



Intuitive 3-button controller
Allows you to cycle through lighting effects, effect speeds, and colors.






High static pressure
Provides improved performance over standard case fans.



Quiet performance
Ultra-thin fan blades ensure less vibration, noise and turbulence.



Two year warranty
Your guarantee of reliable operation.


อ้างอิงจาก : https://www.corsair.com/
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